Hi! Welcome to my website

You’ll find here a selection of my writing: short stories, travel writing, poems, a variety of recipes and other works. Writing has been my biggest passion since the age of eleven when I published my first poem in a school paper. It was written in my local dialect and it was about my “nonno” (grandfather) who was walking as fast as the wind and whose heart would give everything to others, without leaving anything for himself.

Over the years I published poems, short stories and reviews in respected Croatian literature magazines (Rival, Nova Istra, Vijenac) while working as a journalist for the newspaper Novi List. Since moving to London 10 years ago I’ve been working as a translator in the legal field for Croatian, Serbian and other languages of the region. At the same time I’ve been working intensively on improving my English.

Writing is like an irrational frenzy that takes over during every spare moment I can find in between juggling a full-time job and a small baby; usually during lunch breaks at a solitary table in the Caffe Nero opposite the office, those short moments before going to sleep or when stealing some time during a busy weekend. Here is a selection of my old work (translated from Croatian) and brand new pieces written in English.

I’ve just finished writing my first novel in English and will soon upload a chapter or two. At the moment, I am already plotting the next one.

Is it possible to jump off the Millennium Bridge? And end it all here and now? Contemplates the 58 year old woman as the Thames streams underneath and her whole life flashes in front of her eyes. From her earliest memory of her nonna and a lonely childhood in a coastal town in Yugoslavia, to the most recent meeting with her ex-husband, with her daughter always in her mind.
Her daughter is turning eighteen but she still cannot figure out the colour of her eyes and whether the father is part of the family portrait or not. As a part of closing down her old life she is clearing out her wardrobe and planning the sale of her car and flat. She finds an old top that brings back a painful early memory of her daughter and realises that you never recover from certain things in life.
Her mind goes back to early memories from Lovran, a tiny coastal town in what was then Yugoslavia; her great-grandmother nonna Lucija taking her to the café where her mother works all hours, meeting her father for the only time in her life, and her childhood dreams of becoming an actress.
A lucky break in her career as the leading role of “Medea” brings her on tour to London where she meets Jason. They flirt, walk down the river bank and end up in his bedsit. This fateful meeting changes their future and she moves to London to be with him. However, their life doesn’t turn up the way they were hoping for.


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