NOVEL: "Ladybird, ladybird"


Writing is a long and lonely process and the relationship between the writer and the story can be complex, full of ups and downs, of moments when the words flow like water and times of absolute drought. I have been writing “Ladybird, ladybird” for over 5 years and I would like to thank everyone who gave me confidence during this time.
First of all I would like to thank Andrew Woode, my language advisor and friend who has always had confidence in my writing. He checked every single word of the novel and made recommendations, making sure there were no errors in the grammar, syntax or style.
A big thanks to my sister Dada who always comes over from Croatia and spends her holidays cooking for us, baking cakes and looking after Martha.
Affectionate thanks to James “the long-suffering husband” who is always there to make me a cup of camomile tea and bring me anti-inflammatory drugs in bed at 11.30 at night. And to my best friends Masha and Slavisha who never doubted my creativity.

This novel is dedicated to Martha, my little ladybird.