Stories for Children



Martha’s Grandma lives in a large farmhouse next to a dark and deep forest.
She loves it when Martha comes and stays with her.

One summer day Mummy and Daddy went to visit friends
and left Martha with Grandma.

As soon as Mummy and Daddy’s car had disappeared round the bend,
Grandma whispered to Martha:
“Let’s go to The Little Village.”
“But that’s far away! How will we get there?” asked Martha.

“Don’t you worry, my little one!” said Grandma.
“My apron will fly us there!”
Martha looked at the old purple and brown apron and asked:
“But how, Grandma?”

“Apraaa, Apreee, Aprooon turn into a flying rug!” shouted Grandma.
The apron came undone from Grandma’s waist.
It danced and swung as if awakened from a long sleep.
A moment later a thick rug with two soft cushions –
a small pink one and a large purple one – placed itself at their feet.
“Climb up Martha, time to fly!” said Grandma.

Martha and Grandma sat on the cushions and the rug rose up like a feather.
It lifted above the farmhouse and flew over the garden.
Then it took a sharp turn before the forest.
It hovered over the busy motorway.
And it landed next to the sign for “The Little Village”.

As soon as they stepped on the road,
the rug turned back again into the old worn apron.
And Grandma tied it back around her waist.

First they went to buy a pink dress and matching sunhat for Martha.
But – the boutique in The Little Village didn’t have a mirror!
“Grandma, I need to see if it suits me!” cried Martha.
“Don’t you worry, my little one!” whispered Grandma.

Grandma checked that no one else was around and uttered the magic words.
“Apraaa, Apreee, Aprooon give us a mirror!”
The apron stood on its two ties and turned around revealing a shiny mirror.
Martha looked at herself in her new outfit and smiled.

With the new dress on and the apron back to being an apron,
Martha and Grandma went to the grocery shop.
Grandma stuffed all her shopping into the pockets of the apron.
“It’s easier to carry it this way!”
said Grandma to the shop owner and winked at Martha.
Grandma bought lots of things, but her pockets still looked empty!

Martha and Grandma decided to walk back to the farm.
When they reached the river, Grandma asked:
“Shall we have some lunch?”
“Yes, please!” Said Martha and Grandma shouted:
“Apraaa, Apreee, Aprooon make us a picnic!”
The apron danced and twisted
and then turned into a large blanket covered with picnic goodies.
It was all Martha’s favourite food: cheese sandwiches, cucumber sticks and strawberries.

Martha and Grandma ate it all and rested for a bit.
“Shall we get a boat now?” asked Grandma.
“Yes, please!” said Martha, excitedly.

"Apraaa, Apreee, Aprooon turn into a boat!” shouted Grandma.
The picnic blanket shook off the crumbs,
stretched its four corners and folded its opposite sides together.
Its ties turned into oars.
And there it was – a boat for two!

Martha sat in the front and Grandma in the back.
And the boat started rowing on its own.
Martha and Grandma watched the trees, the hares and deer.
But they did not notice thick grey clouds covering the sky.

Heavy rain came down through the trees.
The wind got stronger and the boat could not go any further.

“What are we going to do now, Grandma?” asked Martha.
“Don’t you worry, my little one!”
said Grandma calmly and uttered the magic words:
“Apraaa, Apreee, Aprooon get us home as soon as you can!

The apron turned into a large umbrella with two comfy seats (and seat belts).
Martha and Grandma jumped on and the umbrella flew off.
It rode the waves of the wind.
It zigzagged between the flapping branches of the trees.
And it landed them safely on the doorstep of the farm.

Grandma emptied her pockets on the kitchen table and shouted:
“Apraaa, Apree, Aprooon, I need my assistant!”
The apron stood up and rolled into a tube.
And its ties stretched into arms.
Martha and Grandma sat on the sofa.
The apron brought them a cup of tea and an apple juice.
Then it tidied up the shopping.
It washed the dishes.
It did the ironing.
It cleaned the windows.
And it mopped the floor.

“Let’s make some pasta for dinner!” said Grandma.
The apron reached for a box of flour from the top shelf.
When it opened the fridge, Grandma shouted:
“Oh, no, no, I’ll fetch the eggs!” she said and winked at Martha:
“It can be a little bit clumsy with the eggs!”
“Grandma, your apron is truly magic. Can I tell my Mummy about it?”
“Of course you can!”

In that moment, Mummy and Daddy’s car parked outside.
Grandma shouted:
“Aprooon, Apreee, Apraaa, turn back into an apron!”
The apron shivered and shrank.
It hugged Grandma around her waist.
And it was just an old piece of cloth again.

Mummy ran into the kitchen and hugged Martha.
“Grandma, you are still wearing that ugly old apron!
We need to buy you a new one” said Mummy.
“No, mummy, no!” shouted Martha.
“That’s a magic apron! It does anything Grandma tells it to!”
“Oh yes…right…” said Mummy.